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10 Highdown Gardens (Chalk-Suited) - Box of Conservation Seed Balls

10 Highdown Gardens (Chalk-Suited) - Box of Conservation Seed Balls

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We are delighted to introduce you to our very special chalk-suited wildflower seed ball mix celebrating the unique botanical legacy of Highdown Gardens, Worthing, and our Sussex Downlands. Created in partnership with Highdown Gardens Curator Alex New, this gorgeous seed mix contains some of his favourite wildflowers.

Contents: 1 bag of 10 Highdown Gardens chalk-suited conservation seed balls in a cotton bag, presented in a cardboard gift box, styled carboard sleeve & garden twine. All wildflower seed balls made by hand in Worthing. All packaging can be re-used or recycled.  

The Highdown Gardens Conservation Seed Ball Mix:

Poterium sanguisorba : Salad Burnet

Knautia arvensis: Field Scabious

Galium verum: Lady’s Bedstraw

Centaurea scabiosa: Greater Knapweed

Hippocrepis comosa: Horseshoe Vetch

Anthyllis vulneraria: Kidney Vetch

Linum catharticum: Fairy Flax

Daucus carota: Wild Carrot

Succisa pratensis: Devil's-bit Scabious

Phyteuma orbiculare: Round-headed Rampion


Seed balls contain peat-free compost (to keep the seeds safe), clay (to shape the balls) & chilli powder (to deter hungry insects and birds).

This is a perennials hardy, native flower mix to be planted in spring. It is suitable for chalk grassland and low nutrient soil areas with no competition from invasive grasses and weeds. It is ideal for sunny banks, slopes & very well drained borders. Your flowers will establish themselves in their first year, and reach their best in their second or third years given good growing conditions.

Please note seed mix varieties are subject to availability and flower growth is not guaranteed. Seed mix will cover approx 1m2 per ball.

Learn more about Highdown Gardens and plan your visit here!

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