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Worthing Botanicals Joy Edit Gift Box

Worthing Botanicals Joy Edit Gift Box

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Spread the Joy with our Worthing Botanicals Joy Edit. This is the ideal gift idea for friends, for your Mum, plant lovers and gardeners, and fans of vegan chocolate. Free local delivery!

Your Worthing Botanicals gift box contains three gorgeous items made by hand, with love from Worthing. 

Your Joy gift box:

1 x bag of 10 Highdown Gardens chalk-suited seed balls. Presented in a 100% cotton bag. Plant in spring or summer and create your own flower garden. Suitable for borders, pots and planters. Ingredients: Highdown Gardens' Curator seed mix; peat-free compost; clay; chilli powder. 

Highdown Gardens Worthing

1 x bar of Terre de Sienne's Violet de Manganèse 44% Light Mylk Chocolate, 70g. Organic, vegan and soya free. Made with Belize Transparent Trade organic cocoa beans and transformed into bars by Terre de Sienne. Ingredients: cane sugar, cacao nibs, cacao butter, toasted almonds, coconut milk powder (pure extract of coconut milk), maltodextrin (derived from tapioca), acacia fibre. Contains coconut and nuts. Store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity & light to avoid discoloration. 

Handcrafted Chocolate | Terre de Sienne Chocolate | Made in the UK

3. A Wax & Willow "Joy" Votive Candle, with a unique blend of citrus and floral notes 90g. Its top notes include lemon, bergamot, orange, neroli and eucalyptus, while the heart of the scent features jasmine, ylang ylang, tuberose and a hint of warm spice. The scent is supported by a rich, woody base, giving it a luxurious and calming atmosphere. This candle is the perfect addition to any home for a touch of joy and relaxation.

Hand poured using only the finest fragrance oils and Soy Wax which is both Vegan and Anticruelty. Remove all packaging before burning. For optimal candle performance, burn the candle for a minimum of 1-2 hours. Trim wick to 0.5cm before every relight. Discontinue use once the wax level reaches 1cm from the bottom of the container.

Wax & Willow


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