Help Our Bees & Butterflies

As you might have gathered, we are huge fans of flowers! If you'd like to plant flowers but you don't know where to start, start here....

We believe that flowers really, really matter. The more flowers we grow, the happier our pollinators - the birds, bees and other insects - will be. They depend on flowers for food throughout the year. The WWF tells us that 'on a single day in summer, one acre of wildflower meadow can contain 3 million flowers, producing 1 kg of nectar sugar. That’s enough to support nearly 96,000 honey bees per day.'

Here in Adur & Worthing, we're proud to see that our council are supporting the wildflower movement. You can check out their wildflower map to see some of the green spaces which are benefitting from this activity.

At Ashes to Blooms, we want to celebrate our bees not just for World Bee Day but every day of the year! We would love to see flowers spring up on your patios, in your lawns, your borders and allotments, on our verges and central reservations, in parks and green spaces. And as you know, we believe that [wildflower memorials for our loved ones are especially meaningful, given the important part they play in our natural world.]

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