Sussex Seed Balls and Highdown Gardens Worthing

We are over the moon to have the opportunity to work with Highdown Gardens on our first heritage seed ball partnership.

At Sussex Seed Balls we are passionate about the crucial role wildflowers play in maintaining the delicate balance of our world's environment. We continue to be amazed by the diversity of wildflower varieties locally and across Sussex, and we thought it would be wonderful to give you the opportunity to enjoy them at home.

This very special seed mix has been carefully selected by Highdown Gardens' Curator Alex New, and was inspired by the legacy of the unique chalk soil gardens created by Sir Frederick and Lady Sybil Stern.

The Sterns' curiosity, dedication and experience over 60 years means that today, Highdown Gardens are the fortunate hosts of a unique chalk garden. It was recognised as a National Plant Collection in 1989 by Plant Heritage and, in 2021, the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund helped kickstart the next chapter of the Sterns’ legacy.

Part of the Highdown team's mission is to look after this incredible collection of rare plants from across the world but their work does not stop there. They, as do all of us, have a duty of care to preserve another environment set all around us on the Downs, our precious Sussex chalk grasslandWe are honoured to become part of this crucial work. 

We are delighted to introduce you to The Highdown Heritage Conservation Seed Mix. These seed balls contain some of Alex's favourite, local wildflowers in celebration of both Highdown, and the Sussex Chalk Downland. 

This is a perennials hardy, native flower mix to be planted in spring. It is suitable for chalk grassland and low nutrient soil areas with no competition from invasive grasses and weeds. It is ideal for sunny banks, slopes & very well drained borders. 

We hope that you will enjoy growing your very own Highdown wildflowers. Follow us and share your photos, we would love to see the results. 

With love from our garden, to yours.